There is a reason why it is always good to become a professional in the field of your choice. A professional not only demands respect but also benefits from many things, whether in any field. It is no different when it comes to Rummy professionals online too. When you become a professional in Rummy online, there will be a big change in your lifestyle compared to the rest. Let’s look at some of the advantages that a professional in Rummy benefits.


Rummy may not be a nationally recognized sport such as cricket, hockey, football, etc., but being able to be a professional even in a game like that makes you respect. You are one of the best in the field and that is very important. Most of a professional’s words are believed and people listen to him most of the time by following his advice. A professional can teach beginners how to play Rummy better than what they learn from the experience. All in all, a professional sends respect better than others.


An expert rummy player is naturally tuned to act intelligently in any situation. At the same time, he never fails to seize an opportunity. He knows the value of time better than the rest. Therefore, this feature of making effective use of the resources inherited from the game makes it face any challenge and exit with great success.


A professional Rummy player can set up an online training program and instill the knowledge he gained from others. Rummy is a game full of strategies and a professional would have used so many of them and improvised on them. He could pass on everything he had won as a Rummy player and help more people succeed in his Rummy career like him.


By becoming a professional in Rummy, one would have developed numerous ideas about the game and, similarly, also other professionals with whom he regularly interacts. Therefore, they can exchange ideas and become better experts. This will help them to be virtually invincible in the game.


The rummy game generates so many good qualities that a person needs to survive and live happily. He becomes a complete personality playing regularly. Even the health of playing Rummy has contributed greatly to its good. Bunga365 reviews have several players talking about the topic you can read on the website.

Therefore, the advantages of becoming a professional Rummy player are insurmountable when the same is weighed against the advantages that a professional gains in other fields. Anyone who is hooked to the game of Rummy

who plays it online regularly, will surely benefit from developing the above qualities, thanks to the nature of the game.


The online Rummy game is not fully learned simply by knowing the rules of the game. There are so many tricks involved in finding success as a Rummy player over and over again. Although it is a game full of entertainment, it does not mean that one can afford to lose. Everyone plays this game quite vigorously to win. So, if you want to compete with the wide range of talents across the country, then you need to know some of the important 13-card tricks of Indian Rummy listed below before playing rummy:


Rummy’s goal is to form at least two sequences, one of which must be pure and the remaining cards can be combined to form sequences and sets. The important thing here is to form a pure sequence. This should be the first approach because when your opponent declares that you will only lose with fewer points. You can use the wild card to complete the following sequence.


Normally, people are not aware of the fact that a sequence with more than three letters can be formed. A common mistake is that it only sets with more than three cards can be formed. But the reality is that more than three cards can be conveniently used to form sequences, including the pure sequence.


It is always advisable to eliminate high-value cards as much as possible because they carry more points. If you reject high-value cards by discarding them each turn, you get fewer points even when you lose. Therefore, the four high-value cards: Ace, King, Queen, and Jack should be discarded as quickly as possible unless you need them. When your opponents declare and if you still carry high-value cards, you can use the wild card to form a sequence to lose with fewer points.


The secret of a successful Rummy player lies in the intelligent use of wild cards. Wild cards can be used in many ways and if each of these methods is learned, then it is difficult to get a victory for someone against you. According to Rummy rules, a wild card can also be used to form a non-pure sequence.


Another important trick that one must learn as a Rummy player is to closely monitor the movements of his opponents. In short, your movements should be influenced by the movements of your opponents. This is an advanced Rummy trick that is normally used by all experts. So what is this trick about? Cards that are discarded and collected (if they are from the open deck) should be closely monitored. When your opponent discards a card from a particular suit that has a certain nominal value, you can safely assume that it is not picking up cards that have consecutive values of the same suit. If you see him discarding 5 of hearts, he probably doesn’t need 4 or 6 of hearts and, therefore, can safely discard one of the two. In the same way, if you discard 9 of diamonds and your opponent has picked it up immediately, then you will know that it is forming a sequence with that and, therefore, you can be alert not to serve it with the consecutive numerical cards pf 9 of diamonds.


In addition to what has been detailed above, the following tricks can also be practiced.

You can confuse your opponent by choosing cards of unusually high value in each turn or by discarding cards of low value from the open deck in consecutive turns. This will make you feel that you are about to declare the game and let it remove the cards.

Then comes the art of bluffing. If you notice that your opponent does not choose anything from the open deck, it means he is struggling a lot with a bad Rummy. By bluffing you can force him to appear in such a scenario. You begin to collect cards from the open deck for four or five consecutive turns, which will make your opponent think that you are about to win the game, dropping it.

If you think you can’t effectively handle the bad Rummy, you can leave the game immediately after discarding high-value cards so you can lose only with fewer points.

It is no guarantee that a victory will be guaranteed for you by following all the Rummy tips mentioned above. But it can give you an advantage over your opponents if you follow the same thing meticulously. To get added value, you can follow the rules of rummy to play rummy intelligently.


Rummy is undoubtedly the king of all card games and is loved and played all over the world. It is the reference game when it comes to card games and is played at festivals and parties, or even at night. When you play rummy for money, your desire to win is fueled even more, which makes it more exciting. It is always good to have a good understanding of the game to increase your chances of success. Knowing how to use your king and your queen in games can be a great help.


The key objective of any rummy player is to finish the card game that has been dealt with him before someone else plays at the table. The player must try to reduce his score to zero before any player achieves the same.


Each image card adds 10 points to your score. You can merge the cards as soon as you receive them or discard them whenever possible. Change the priority to the king and queen as soon as you get them to make sure you’re on a winning path.


In this game, A player can always make a sequence with the king or queen. However, if you cannot find an ace or a jack in a sequence that results in a reduction in points. The player can also sequence the King and Queen cards only if he has an extra pair of them for different hands.

Keep in mind the fact that you must have a pure sequence along with a pure/hybrid sequence in hand for this strategy to work.


Note that you can receive a hand with several image cards. While actively seeking to make a sequence using the upper cards, if you hold on to the cards with images until the end, it may be too late to get rid of them. A player needs to have a good strategy on how to use the king and queen cards, as well as experience with the game.

Five myths about poker in India

Poker is the most popular variant of card games around the world. Regardless of your age, sex, and location, the game never stops entertaining you in the center. Even so, in spite of its unlimited merits, several misconceptions persist about the nature of the game of poker in India. The taboos surrounding this card game discourage new players from following their passion for playing this very entertaining card game in live poker rooms. Only when you sit down at the gaming table can you experience the true thrill and adrenaline of playing poker.

Here is the list of some of the most frequent myths about online poker in India:


Poker’s luck Vs Skill


the most popular myth related to poker is that it is a game based on luck. The truth is that poker is a unique combination of strategy and skills. It is a game of mathematical calculations. Luck can help you win once or twice, but to reach and stay at the top of the game for a long time, you have to work on your knowledge and skills. You must learn to read the opponents, predict the strength of your hand, calculate the odds and develop a game plan to win the pot.


Poker rooms manipulate the tables

Poker rooms manipulate the tables


A poker room gets its income by raking. Most poker rooms understand the importance of providing quality services to players to build their reputation, that’s why they never try to get involved in any kind of malicious activity. Most gambling halls adhere strictly to government rules and regulations related to real money gaming. They make sure that the games, from the distribution of cards to the showdown, are completely unpredictable, fair, and impartial.


poker win big or not

poker win big or not


It’s not true! Most players understand that winning and losing is part of the game. Even professional players make mistakes at the table. When you lose, instead of stopping in the past, you need to understand the reasons that contributed to the loss. If you work to detect your mistakes and eliminate them to ensure you do not repeat them in the future, you minimize the chances of losing at the table. The most common mistake that most poker players make is to leave the game after facing losses. Remember that you can improve in the game with practice and training and achieve great long-term success.


Poker makes a profit

Poker makes a profit


Instead of winning, the goal of a beginner must be to learn and gain experience. To master the game, you must spend a good amount of time studying and practicing the online poker game. Over time, you will learn to develop strategies quickly by watching opponents to maximize profits.


Poker game is only for men

Poker game is only for men


Another myth not true. There are several poker players like Nikita Luther, Muskan Sethi, Minissha Lamba, Maria Kirloskar, Shuchi Chamaria, etc. They participate regularly in national and international poker tournaments and contribute to the growing popularity of the game in the country. They are doing very well at the tables and earning a lot of money and fame.
Poker is a fun game that allows players to show their talent to the highly-rated opponents of “the best of the best” from around the world. It is undoubtedly one of the best ways to improve your mental abilities, such as patience, focus, persistence and decision-making ability. If you are addicted to emotion and love challenges, poker is the perfect game for you.

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Here, we guide you through the basics of cash games, which include:

  • Why play cash games?
  • Six rules for the success of the cash game

If the tournaments are prestigious, then the cash games are where the real money is made. They also train you to play real poker, instead of moving around and expecting the best once the blinds are high enough.


The bread and butter of poker, an excellent way to practice.

  • Play at any time with any number of players (well, up to 6)
  • Play as little or as much as you want without start or end times
  • With fast forward, you can accelerate through a poor hand in an instant
  • Play on your terms. You choose how much to bring to the table.
  • Start a game with only $ 0.60

Six rules for the success of the cash game

With cash games, playing is easy. The hard part is being good enough to start earning money. To help you, we’ve put together six golden rules to give you confidence and take your game to the next level.


In unlimited Hold’em, you can lose your entire stack in one hand, so keep the bets you can handle. One trick is to divide your bankroll (the amount of money you are prepared to spend in poker) by 20 to find out what you can risk per game. Then, divide this by 50 to get the maximum buy-in you should look for. For example, if you have $ 500 in your account, that’s $ 25 per game, so $ 0.25 / $ 0.50 is the level for you. Do not buy less than 50 times the big blind, or play defensively with a short stack (not exactly an enriched learning experience).


In cash poker games, big pots tend to mean big hands or big bluffs. Any intermediate element and a more experienced player could take you to the cleaners. So be careful with hands like A-K (they look good until you make a pair and someone else plays a set). And think twice before betting on low packed houses or on straight lines and reddening, that someone could easily beat.

If you are going to bluff, choose your opponent carefully and make sure you play really as if you had the hand you are representing.


Once the stack size is large, you should pay close attention to the hands you can play, depending on your position at the table. Discard your hands as A-J and A-10 if you are in an early position. Be careful in the blinds, since you will be out of position throughout the hand. In the middle and later positions, you can play a little looser, since you have more chances to see the other players and pick up the pot.


In cash games, your job is to press other players, steal blinds when you can and make people want to call you when you have a winning hand. The best way to do this is to get into the habit of raising the preflop and betting again on the flop (putting a total of about half the pot). At first, this seems a little counterintuitive, but in reality, most hands lose the flop and the player with the most momentum wins the day. The only exception is when you play in deep stacks and you may want to reduce them (to get more money in the pot) before making your move.


You can learn a lot by playing more intense and short games. Here, attitude and position are essential, and sensation has a very important role to play. There is no doubt that you will need a deeper bankroll for this type of game and competition can be difficult. But you will also learn a lot, and once you have the ability to win, you can earn more money here than in full ring games.


Finally, remember to keep your losses in perspective. You are on a learning curve where errors occur. As long as you play within your means, these are just lessons that will help you become a better player in the long term.

How To Make a Living Out of online Poker play.

Poker is like a Unicorn that everyone is trying to ride, and has been getting tougher year on year for as long as I can remember.
The online and offline pool has only been growing astronomically every year since 2010 since the poker fever gripped India. Some legends were born, some created, some destroyed and some faded away with time. But the dream of making it big in poker hasn’t changed.

Poker has now taken an interesting turn after success stories of certain individuals who have acquired acclaim, fame, and the moolah in a very short span of time, that some can only some CEO’s and CXO’s make after putting in decades of hard work and time. So this brings us to a very important question that every 22-year old who wants to be the next WSOP champion is asking himself. Can poker be a career option? Can I make a living out of poker? Is it worth striving for?

The short and sweet answer is yes. It is possible to make a living playing poker professionally in 2016, and many players are doing so, but it is not an easy road. No one said it would be, but what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. That said, players need to be a lot more focused and must cut out all of the bad habits that they could have gotten away with in the past.

This article is going to highlight some of the things you can do if you are looking to make poker your profession be it live, online, or both. Certain skills and disciplines are meant to be cultivated for the same.


Poker players seem to think that they’re all “Tom Gone’s” or “Feel like Ivey’s” and can sit down in any game and kill the table. The reality is that this is only the case for very few elite players. You have to be honest to yourself about your skills and abilities. Are you a tournament player or a cash player, what is the bankroll you can afford, what stakes it permits you to play? If you are a tournament player, live or online, are you absolutely certain you should be playing the millionaire or get a rich race or all the high investment high return tournaments? For the live players, should you really be jumping in every 2.5,5,10 & 25k game on the planet?

A lot of players at every level are probably playing some tournaments where they’re not as big and favorite as they would like to think they are, and in all honesty, some of us have no business playing some of the games we do. For tournament players, this is actually pretty simple. Find your comfort zone. Look closely at past results, you will soon find some games to take out of your schedule.

There is so much choice nowadays that we can hop into multiple MTT’s instead of the Sunday High Roller tournaments a couple of mid-stakes tournaments online instead. Those will have bigger fields but your expectation and ROI will be much higher.

Cash players have the same problem, but identifying it is far more difficult. Let’s say you’re a 25/50 player and you have a decent win rate over a large sample. You would think that you can just jump in any 50/100 game right? Wrong!

The truth is, every 50/100 game is different. If you have a bad position or a really tough table, your win rate will decline dramatically and in extreme cases, you may be “THE FISH”. There is no shame in leaving the table and looking for another or even dropping shifting down gears in stakes if there are not any good games available at your usual stake.


Multi-tabling to beat the variance or becoming a rake back pro was a realistic possibility sometime back. You could simply learn basic strategy, study some charts, and load up table after table until you dint know what was happening anymore..

You can play a very bot-like game and break even at the tables. This was enough because monthly rake back payments would follow. It was not unheard of for players to get close to 40% rake back and live off that payment each and every month providing they got enough hands in.

Doesn’t sound like much fun to me, but it worked for many and it certainly beats 9 to 5 jobs.

Those days are pretty much behind us now. Sites are tightening their belts and becoming stingy with rake-back and bonuses. There are multiple clauses in fine prints that we don’t read. 30x to 50X rake generations, locked non withdrawal bonuses, and much more. Have you heard the cliché There ain’t no free lunches honey? well, here it is.

Screw quantity chooses Quality. I would now advise lowering the number of tables you play. Instead, really focus on every decision you make, take lots of notes and you will be surprised at how quickly you improve. Your game, and allow you to move up the stakes much quicker.

STUDY – 2+2=4

The days of being able to just show up at a poker game and play roulette poker and book a win are long gone, my friends. The game has evolved and you have absolutely no chance of cashing out on any stake for a long period of time without learning and evolving in your game. The introduction of training sites, mentors, books, and more coaches in the market has brought about a sharp increase in the average skill level.

Sign up to a training site

If you are looking at making a career out of Poker then signing up on one of the training sites is no biggie.

Usually, it doesn’t cost you more than a miscalculated 3 bet or a stupid All-in trying to bluff your opponents.

Make sure you do not just sit and just watch the videos, you will get nothing from that. Pay close attention, take notes, and when done go to the tables and try and implement something you have just learned.

Revisit videos over time and make sure you understand the concept completely. Review hands that you have played to match the videos, and see how you could have played your hand differently. The majority of training sites have great forums too. Use them, they are much more focused than some of the other forums you may be accustomed to.

Get involved on the forums

I am going to go ahead and assume anybody who is considering a career is a member of a forum, but do you use it to its potential or just use it to collect and create gossip?

It is true that the number of trolls far outweigh the superior posters, but you will find the required talent on these sites that can answer your questions. Ignore the trollers and listen to the PROS they are called PROS for a reason

Many players meet likeminded individuals on the forums and soon migrate over to a private Skype group to talk strategy. I simply can’t explain how much of an impact talking poker with other good players have on your game. It is huge. Just listen to a few ‘what’s your poker story’ interviews and see how approachable top pros are to help other like-minded enthusiasts to improve their game. Make sure you give them their due credit of publicity.

Hire Professional Help

This might or might not be necessary depending on where you are in your poker career and affordability factor, but if you have gone through all of the other steps and feel like you’ve hit a wall, then you should consider hiring a poker coach to help unlock your full potential.

Quality coaching does not come cheap, so make sure you’re ready to take full advantage of it and do your research. Really good coaches are few and far between.

Once you have found a coach, approach them for a sample lesson or at the very least have a good discussion with them first to make sure your thoughts on the game are aligned. When your sessions come around, make sure you are armed with a bunch of questions and are ready to make the most out of the time.

The majority of players who have had coaching or mentorship have had extremely positive experiences with coaching and would definitely recommend it.


Many smart professionals who have had some big wins in their careers have invested that money, be it in stocks, property, or business. This is a very wise move and helps them to fully relax at the tables knowing they have something to fall back on if it goes wrong.

One final thought for those of you who are not professional but would love to be one day: I would say keep playing the game you love. Poker has been on the decline for a long time, but with regulation finally starting to happen all over the world, more and more people are going to pick up the game. Keep your game sharp and take full advantage. Are you ready to be the next Chris moneymaker when the next opportunity arrives?

The 7 Different Type of Poker Players.

When you first sit down at the felt and look around at your opponents, it can be intimidating. In fact, some compare playing poker, especially Texas Hold’em, as if going to a battle. Players wear physical armor in the form of low-lying hats, dark sunglasses, headphones, and mesmerizing clothing. Then there are weapons to contend with, which are mainly the various techniques and styles of play your opponents demonstrate.

Understanding these weapons can help you exploit the other players at the table and just might assist you in finding your own style, as well. The following names or titles given to players are commonly used in poker to describe a certain style of play or. Read up and learn, then shuffle up and deal. Good luck.


This term is used to negatively describe someone who consistently calls bets and rarely raises, regardless of the strength of his/her hand. Calling stations are sometimes rewarded for their poor play by lucky cards that come on the board, often encouraging unskilled players to overestimate their skill level.

This is the player who plays K5 suited and can’t lay down the K when it hits, no matter how many people are in the pot. They play any two suited cards, and any Ace, and can’t fold any of them if they hit a flop. They whine constantly about being out-kicked, and can’t understand why they have such “bad luck.”


The absolute opposite of a Calling Station is the Nit or Rock, a player who is unwilling to take risks and plays only premium hands in the top range. The Nit is content to sit back and wait for ultra-premium hands and will blind himself into oblivion if necessary. He plays nothing but Aces, Kings, Queens, and sometimes, AK. If you’re ever re-raised by a Nit, you know they have something really, really good. You can safely fold hands up to, and including, QQ. Nits are usually referred to as Nutty, Mr. Nuts or Tightly.


A person with little know-how or intelligence that is completely unwilling to learn more on their own. The difference between a Noob and a Newbie: A Newbie is often someone who has enthusiasm and intelligence, but absolutely no experience and are often guilty of simply being naive. A Noob on the other hand is someone with a woeful amount of mental acumen that is completely unwilling to try and learn something for themselves.


Maniacs are characterized as such because they will play almost every hand and raise or re-raise with any two cards. This type of player can be on tilt, drunk, or simply having a good time by creating a lot of action.

It may sound easy to play against a maniac, but they pose a serious threat to your game because they are extremely aggressive and will really test you, adding many swings to your bankroll. Often times, a maniac can virtually put the entire table on tilt, thus creating a very profitable situation for the player who remains calm and applies the correct strategies.


ABC Poker or Text Book Poker is a term referred to a way of playing “by the book” without any sophistication or creativity and in a straightforward manner. ABC Poker is typically played by a player who outranks a complete novice (or a Noob) in terms of skills. They know how to play by the book to the “T”. They will raise 3x the big blind and all about blind structure when to shove when short stacked and other elementary play. ABC Poker is not, however, a compliment to be given and generally is associated with a player who can be exploited through aggression.

Five years ago, ABC poker was undoubtedly a winning strategy, and even today – if you find the right game. it can certainly be profitable. However, in most tournaments and cash games these days, playing ABC poker will leave you break-even or worse.


Talking in an attempt to mislead other players about the strength of a hand is known as coffee housing and doing Hollywood. Very talented is putting up a good show via their acting skills. For example, a player holding AA as their first two cards might say, “Let’s gamble here,” implying a much weaker holding. Coffee housing or doing Hollywood is considered bad etiquette in certain tables but generally accepted unless it turns to a slow roll.


These are the craftiest players. A shark is good at every aspect of the game and can adjust his play to all of the above types of players. Sharks are very hard to sit with because you can never REALLY get a read on them. You may find yourself frequently asking questions like, ”What is the betting?” or “Does he have it?” They have unlimited restraint when it comes to betting on a good hand in order to allow somebody else to think they have the best hand. These guys know how to read others and know exactly how to look and bet like they have a bad hand or are chasing. These guys are very good at extracting chips from their opponents and usually play for your entire stack.

Sharks are also good at drawing as much money out of a hand as they can, especially when involved with aggressive players. These guys are the worst enemy of any aggressive player because of the toughness of getting a read on them. A Shark may catch three of a kind aces on the flop and check, just to draw another player into betting so that they can either A) raise them, B) continue their play, acting as if they have a weak hand and meekly calling, or C) fold (if they have plenty of chips) in order to mislead other players as to how they play. Then they will show the table and say something like, “I KNOW you have the straight,” simply to make other players think that they are Rocks (passive post-flop) or easy to get out of a hand, and therefore setting it up for them to bluff beautifully in the future.


Bankroll Management is a term we hear too often in the poker circles in India, but it is the most important aspect of poker if one wants to be a successful poker player.
How many times have we heard of a player cashing in 6 digit numbers at games online and live and a few weeks down the line there is gossip about how broke is. How many times have we heard of a player striking gold on small stakes and then shifting gears to higher stakes and then going bust? Familiar conversations for all of us.

So here we are here today talking about one of the most important aspects or strategy of poker. Mastering this is more important than any other aspect of poker, and will determine your success and future as a poker player.


The term “bankroll” refers to the amount of money you set aside exclusively to play poker – whether it is online or offline, and how to manage this fund and grow it is called “Bankroll management.

It is separate from all the other finances in your life. Treat it like an investment fund that you have to be very selective about investing. One wrong investment or not knowing when to exit and you could go bust..


The reason why you should choose your limits carefully in poker is due to “Variance”. Variance is a term used to describe the “up and downswings” of poker where your bankroll fluctuates, resulting in varying profits and losses.

If you play poker for long enough there are going to be periods of time where you will consistently lose money, not because you are playing badly, but because you’re not hitting the cards, and there is nothing you can do about it . This means that if you do not have enough money in your bankroll to absorb these big downswings, it is very easy to bust your bankrolls.

Therefore every time we sit down at the poker table, whether it is live or online, we want to give ourselves the best opportunity to win a maximum amount of profit whilst keeping the risk of going broke minimal. This is where the rules of bankroll management come into play.


The “Numero Uno” of all rules in poker. In poker, there is every possibility to lose a hand and your stack, even if you have played the hand in the most perfect way possible. There is also a hustler waiting to provoke you to pay more when you are “TILTING” in hopes of recovery. NEVER risk an amount of money that could get you into financial trouble away from the poker table, especially if you are tilting or experiencing a downswing.


More often than not there are three kinds of players, and each of them has different reasons, expectations, and goals from the game. it is very important for you to know what is it that you want or rather why are you playing the game. This will help you select the right level and stakes of the game to reach your goals.

  • Recreational players are mainly playing primarily playing for fun and have other sources of income besides poker. If they bust their bankroll they can fund it with fresh money from their regular source of income.
  • Serious players are good and profitable players but do not depend only on poker for their income. It is not the end of the world if they lose their poker bankroll, but it will hurt.
  • Professional players depend on poker game as their only source of income. They cannot afford to lose all their bankroll as this means they would lose their job. Therefore they follow and practice strict discipline and bankroll management.

Always have a set of limits and budgets for any style of poker that you play. Bankroll limits vary for each game style. Always remember two things:

a) You don’t have to play every hand, there is the hand dealt approximately every 4 minutes.
b) There is always a tomorrow if you are not running well or tilting on a particular day.

Don’t play or try to get into the quicksand called “Recovery”. Money lost is not yours anymore, but the money you have is still yours and you can decide when is the best time to use it. Live to fight another day.


As a poker player, you start playing at a limit that you feel is too high, you should stop – even if you can afford to keep playing. It is easy to get nervous in these situations, which can lead to you no longer enjoying the game and making poor decisions. A competent poker player only plays within the limits in which he or she feels comfortable.


Bankroll management is a very tricky subject. It depends a lot on the kind of player you are, what formats of the game you usually play etc. To try and simplify it as much as possible, below are the different formats of the game and the bankroll required to play your game.

There is two main aspects that dictate bankrolls.

a. What should your average buy-in be depending on the blinds.

So buy-in depends on the game style of the player, but basically, it should be big blind x 50.

For e.g. stakes are 5-10 blinds, the big blind is 10 so the buy-in should be 10*50 =500.

b. How many buy-ins should you have behind to start playing?

Having a comfortable bankroll is very important. The reason being it is virtually impossible to win every time you play poker, and if you don’t plan your bankroll you can bust your bankroll even before you realize it. The rule of thumb for managing your bankroll is that you should never risk more than 5% of your bankroll in any one sitting, also play stakes where 5% of your bankroll is equal to 1 buy-in of 50 blinds that particular stakes.

For example

Stakes: 10/20 blinds

Min buy-in stack: 20(big blind)*50(no of bb’s)=1000(min stack to sit on the game)

Bank roll: min buy-in @ 5% =1000*20x=20,000.

In the table below is the bankroll and min-buy-in calculations for each stake commonly played online and live across India.

10 Tips to Make You a Better Poker Player

How many times have you thought to yourself that, I’m going to be a better player?
I will not play every hand. Wondered how the guy across the table always wins. Well, you can be that winning player too. Here are the top 10 poker tips and tricks to make that winning player sweat while you take his stack the next time.


You will define your poker greatness not by the hands you play, but by the hands, you fold. – Dan Reed.

You don’t have to play every hand dealt with you. There is a hand dealt approximately every two minutes. Probably the first biggest mistake beginning poker players make is that they play far too many hands. When you’re just starting out playing “poker”, you want to play lots of it, and that means staying in hands that aren’t very good just to get lucky or be part of the action. But playing more doesn’t mean that you are winning more, it usually means you are losing more. If you find you’re staying in on half or more of the hands you’re dealt, you need to upgrade your starting hand’s requirements. Develop a range that fits your game style. But all in all, play less, play premium equals win more.


There are nights where you’re just playing with friends for low stakes and it’s more about the fun than the poker. But if you’re in a casino, watch the alcohol. The truth is, while you are relaxed after having two drinks; it may lead you to become a loser, even when you are not fully drunk. You may notice that few other players at the table are imbibing as well. That should be your first clue that poker isn’t a game to play when you have dulled senses.


“The hardest tumble a man can take is to fall over his own bluff

A lot of beginners understand that bluffing is a part of poker tips, but not exactly how to. There’s is no rule that one must bluff a certain amount or at all during a poker game, but many players don’t feel like they’ve won unless they’ve tried a poker bluff. Bluffs only work in certain situations and against certain players, and when you know that a player always calls to the showdown, it is literally impossible to bluff that player. It’s better not to bluff than to bluff just for the sake of bluffing.


Another common mistake beginners make is to think that “Well, I’ve already put that much in the pot, I have to stay in now.” Nope. You can’t win a pot just by throwing money at it. There may be cases when pot odds warrant a call, but if you’re sure you’re beaten, and there’s no way your hand can improve to be the best hand, you should fold right away. The money you’ve already put in the pot isn’t yours anymore, and you can’t get it back just by playing a hand all the way till the end. Why give your opponent another pile of your money? Those bets will add up over and over.


Poker is not played with emotion but with cards. When Mad, Sad, or in a Bad Mood don’t play. When you play poker, you shouldn’t do it to escape from or vent out any kind of negative emotions. You can never play your “A” game if you start out on tilt — playing emotionally, not rationally is never good for the game. Likewise, during a poker game, if you lose a big hand or get sucked out on and feel yourself going on tilt, stand up and take a breath. Fellow players will sense your mood and take advantage of it. Always remember money lost is not yours anymore but the stack you have is still yours. What you do with it is entirely up to you, and to win in poker, all you need is a chip and a chair.


When you first start playing, it’s enough just to remember how to play and pay attention to your own hand. But once you’ve got that down, it’s very important to look at what’s going on at the table. In Texas hold-em, figure out what the best possible hand would be to fit the flop. Make sure you notice flush and straight possibilities. Pay attention to what’s showdowns are happening and what people have folded when you consider calling opponents.


As you play, one of the single best things you can do is observe your opponents, even when you’re not in a hand. If you know one player always raises in a certain position, and another has a poker tell when he bluffs, and the third one folds to every re-raise, you can use that information to help you decide how to play or what move to make against them. Once you know that a player always folds to a re-raise on a river, that’s when you can bluff and steal the pot. In poker remembering information is everything, so pay close attention.


Some players look at another player’s final bet, look at the hand, and say “I know you’ve got me, but I have to confirm my read, as they throw in a final call. It may be worth it to see if a player really has the hand they’re representing; you’re gaining information that will help you later on. But if you really feel a player has the hand let go. Don’t keep bleeding chips just to see if your read is right. Not everyone can be the Kid.


There are many reasons people move up to a higher limit game than they usually play. Good reasons like they’ve been winning consistently at a lower level and are ready to move up, and bad reasons like the line is shorter for higher limits or you want to impress someone. Don’t play at stakes that make you think about the actual money in terms of day-to-day life or with money you can’t lose. Even if you had one super-good night at 25/50, resist the urge to play 50/100. The next tip explains more why.


One of the reasons you shouldn’t jump into a 50/100 game after winning a huge bunch of money at 25/50 is because as the stakes rise, so does the average skill set level of the players sitting there. You want to be one of the best at the table, not the fish who sits down with sharks. If you are making stacks of money at a lower-level game, why move? It takes a fair amount of time for any player to get used to the dynamics of higher stakes. Bankroll management is also very important. You’re winning stacks of money. The swings up and down at higher limits are much bigger, and one big night’s win is not enough to last you one bad hour in a high-stakes game.


Rummy is one of the most played games in India, and his followers have steadily increased since the appearance of his online avatar. Why not? Players have experienced a completely new level of play by participating online. Whether it’s a desktop or mobile application, players not only get a beautifully designed interface to play but also many other advantages, which make the online version their preferred option. Some of the benefits of playing online rummy in the application include cash rewards, bonuses, 24×7 game, free and cash games, Refer a friend bonus, etc. Have you tried rummy in your mobile application? Regardless of whether you have been playing offline with your loved ones or have interacted with thousands of online players through the rummy application, some signs will indicate that you have become a rummy expert. Look at them:


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you will find players who are always busy playing cash games on their mobile devices. Ideally, it is not a good practice. If your application offers free and cash games, there is a purpose behind it. To offer responsible games, site creators urge their players to play both free and cash games, that is, practice free games every day and, after that, test the games with cash. Did you get into the online rummy world with free games and then graduate in money games? If so, you are an expert player.


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